MultiPanel TilePanel Range

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MultiPanel TilePanel Range

Our TilePanel range is ideal if you require Tiles but don't like the grout, our TilePanel is comprised of compact grade laminate making it stronger than tiles and has no physical grout making it more pleasing on the eye. We have a wide range of TilePanels to select from.



Profiles for this panel can be found by clicking here



Panel Dimensions: 

  • 3mm Thick compact grade laminate
  • 1220mm Width
  • 2440mm Height
  • XL Bevelled gloss tile size is 300mm x 200mm
  • Brick Bevelled gloss tile size is 75mm x 200mm
  • Embossed small gloss tile size 23.5mm x 23.5mm
  • Embossed larger matt tile size 47mm x 47mm
  • Delivery up to 7 working days

Please note that the Embossed tilepanel is double sided with small gloss finish tile size on one surface and the larger matt finish tile size on the reverse, ideal if you can't make your mind up which size to go for, you can simply choose when it arrives. All tilepanels are 2440mm x 1220mm.


Available Colours and Designs:

  • XL Bevelled White Gloss
  • XL Bevelled White Galaxy Gloss
  • XL Bevelled White Slate Gloss
  • Brick Bevelled Red Gloss - Vertical or Horizontal
  • Brick Bevelled Black Gloss - Vertical or Horizontal
  • Brick Bevelled White Gloss - Vertical or Horizontal
  • Embossed White
  • Embossed White Galaxy
  • Embossed White Slate
  • Embossed Graphite
  • Embossed Black Slate
  • Embossed Black

Horizontal brick will run from left to right across the 2440mm measurment, ideal for splashbacks.

Vertical Brick will run from left to right accross the 1220mm measurment, ideal for wall height 2440mm or below.