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PVC Pipe & Fittings


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All our PVC pipes can be used in temperatures ranging from 5oC up to 60oC. They're also abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and corrosion free. There smooth bore also helps resist lime scale build up so your system has a superior flow. Each of our PVC pipes has an expected design life of 50 years based on maximum pressure at 20oC and is light and simple to install. Our PVC Pipe and fittings are perfect for use with acids, alkali's, effluents, effluent treatment and chemical processing. They are also nontoxic making them suitable for potable water. Our PVC Pipe Systems are meticulous, highly precise and are great substitutes for expensive metal pipe systems.

Our PVC pipework is manufactured from only the very best grade A basic material. PVCu stands for Polyvinyl Chloride - unplasticised which is a thermoplastics polymer specifically designed for the production of PVCu Pipe, PVCu Valves and PVCu Pipe Fittings. Our material guarantee's that your PVC pipe system contains the necessary performance properties required for hardy industrial applications.

All our Pipes and Fittings are of the British standard which is based on the Nominal Bore of the pipes across the entire range not the diameter. For more information please refer to the table provided with each pipe class. If your still unsure, don't hesitate to ring us to help ensure you order what you intend.

PVC is an essential thermoplastic industrial material as it can be used for the transportation of numerous liquids including; acids, alkalis, sewerage and can be used for water treatment and chemical processing. Another benefit of PVC is it's resistance to harmful chemicals and is non-toxic. PVC allows for the construction of resilient and lightweight systems that are easy to install when in use with our PVCu Solvent Cement. Our PVCu products can be distinguished from other similar products due to their dark grey colour.

The Water Research Advisory Scheme has approved PVC for use with potable water and all our PVC Pipes are produced in accordance with BS3505 and EN1452-2. Our PVC Pipe fittings are also produced in accordance with BS4346 Part 1 and our threaded pipe fittings hold the requirements demanded of by the BS 21 / DIN 2999 / ISO 7.

It has been proven that uPVC is resistant to a variety of alkalis, salts, diluted acids and water soluble solvents, but uPVC isn't resistant to chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons so if unsure please contact us.

All our pressure ratings for our PVC pipe and fittings are given for use at 20oC due to that being convention with plastic pipework therefore for such systems if the temperature is increased then the pressure rating must be decreased. PVC systems should in no exception be used for temperatures exceeding 60oC.