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Aqua 250 Bathroom Wall Cladding Trims & Adhesive

Aqua 250 Bathroom Cladding Trims & Adhesive

Ensure your bathroom project is finished to a professional standard with our Aqua 250 Bathroom Cladding Trims and Adhesives. We stock everything you need to complete an aesthetically pleasing installation. Get great-looking results and long-lasting protection for your walls.


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Aqua 250 Bathroom Cladding Trims

This size-match range includes the following profiles:


  • Internal Corner
  • External Corner
  • End Cap


We stock trims in:


  • Chrome
  • White
  • Black


To ensure a completely waterproof and mould-free seal, we recommend you use silicone. It will protect the joint from unsightly fungus and improve hygiene while being hidden by the trim. It also aids the installation process and will give you peace of mind.


Stormfix Powerful Hybrid Sealant Adhesive 390ml

Our Stormfix Powerful Hybrid Sealant Adhesive is sold in a 390ml dispenser with convenient application nozzle. It is a high-grab adhesive that delivers long-lasting strength. Use it to securely bond your Aqua 250 Bathroom Wall Panels to a suitable surface.


Everflex 700T Silicone Sealant

This silicone sealant is designed for bathroom wall cladding and helps you seal out problems. It will protect joints from developing mould and keep your wall panels in place until they cure. Invest in this product to make the installation process easier and to ensure a great-looking result that lasts for years. You can use this product behind trims, where it won’t be seen, to provide long-lasting protection.

For further information about any of these products, contact us online or call our customer service team.