Black Ash Window Board and Sill - Bullnose & Square

Black Ash UPVC Internal Window Sill Cover Square Edge
End Caps to Suit Square Edge Black Ash Window Sill Cover
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Window sills are an integral part of the window installation and whether you are looking to replace existing windows or a single broken sill you should ensure that you choose the most appropriate and beneficial sills for your requirements. A good sill can protect against physical damage as well as damp and this means that it can help ensure that your room remains warm and comfortable while also protecting the wall and the window itself.

PVC is the most commonly used material when creating window sills. It is inexpensive and manufacturers can create a range of different designs and finishes. White plastic is the most common choice but black ash can give a room masses of character. If you have a room that is especially light then black ash sills can give some depth and break up the light.

PVC is resistant to moisture and damp. Condensation can form on windows and this will naturally drip off onto the sills. If you have wood or even metal sills then this means that they could become badly eroded or rusted. Plastic will not rot, it won’t rust, and it will last for many years even if you have a condensation or moisture problem in your home.

Choose from the CRD extensive catalogue of building products including window sills and sill covers. As well as a range of black ash sills we also stock a number of other colours and we can provide everything that you need to complete a renovation in or outside your home.