Mahogany Window Board and Sill - Bullnose & Square

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Mahogany finish PVC windowsills are long lasting and durable while also being attractive and classic in their looks. Replacing damaged or rotted sills can help improve the look of a room while choosing a new colour for all of the sills in a room, or even a property, can give that property an entirely different look. Ensure that you have the sill, trim, and any other items that you need before you embark on replacing a window sill.


Wooden sills can become rotten and badly damaged and this can leave a room looking downtrodden and old. Replacing these sills can help improve the look of the room. Fortunately, there are many different colours, designs, and styles to choose from in order to ensure that you can create the look that you want in your home.


If you are looking to add new sills to a whole property or even an entire development then PVC is a good choice. It is inexpensive and it will require less maintenance while also being less likely to need replacing in the future. Plastic is not only resistant to atmospheric pressures but it is also less prone to scratching and dinting when compared to other materials.


Mahogany is a popular colour choice for furniture and for wood aspects within a room because it is a rich and deep wooden colour. It has a natural appeal to it and it can be used to enhance the appearance of the windows in your home – Plastic Building Supplies has a range of Mahogany effect building supplies including inexpensive sills and boxes.


PLEASE NOTE: Rosewood, Light Oak and Mahogany Bullnose Window Sills are not stock items therefore can take up to an additional 7 working days to be delivered.