Gloss Red Hygienic Wall Cladding

Gloss Red wall cladding is useful and hygienic; these cladding panels can be used indoors and are fast becoming the product of choice for interior design. Even in the most demanding of circumstances, such as hospitals and industrial units, plastic will be able to withstand virtually everything that is thrown at it. Cleaning the cladding sheets is simply a question of giving them a quick wipe with a damp cloth.


Interior hygienic cladding can be very useful in situations where dirt cannot be allowed to collect. For example, a build-up of dirt in a hospital can prove extremely damaging and dangerous to the health of those that are inside. Bacteria are allowed to breed and this can lead to infection and illness beyond those that already exist. By placing plastic cladding sheets on the wall it is possible to prevent this problem from occurring. 


Hygienic cladding provides a durable, wipe-clean surface that is easy to clean and maintain whilst also creating an effective barrier to the wall. This makes it extremely versatile for rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens that are often exposed to damp or fluctuations in temperature. By installing hygienic wall cladding you can make cleaning the room easy, leaving you with more time to enjoy it.


As well as being hygienic and safe, plastic cladding sheets are available in a range of colours. White is a popular choice but using white cladding sheets on white walls can leave a very sterile look. This may be suitable in some areas but not in others. In a hospital, for example, patients may enjoy greater convalescence with more enjoyable surroundings.

 We have a full range of Gloss colours.