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The multipanel collection is a range of innovative panels that substitutes tiles. Whether you’re looking to renovate your present home or design a newly bought house, you can rely on multipanel to give a new and unique look. These panels are so versatile that they can be used on the walls, floors, ceilings, and vanities. With an amazing collection of colours and styles, your visitors will definitely fall in love with your home.

Many people still use tiles, but, maintaining them through their grout, moulds and cracks is not only time consuming, but, it can also be quite expensive. The multipanel collection is a great alternative to tiles and extremely cost-effective. They are available for home and commercial spaces as well. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, you can not go wrong with multipanel.

Their wide product range gives you numerous choices to select the ones that will be ideal for your home or commercial space.

The Mesmerizing Wall Collection


Give your bathroom a fresh new look and eliminate the chances of tile grouting with these decorative wall panels. Available in a variety of décors ranging from textured and glossy finishes, sparkles, traditional stones to gorgeous contemporary designs, choose from 32 different styles. Since they are waterproof, these panels are the perfect choice for bathrooms.

Bonded with laminates, these panels come in 8 x 4 feet WBP plywood. Devoid of any maintenance and cleaning, these panels will ensure you spend more time relaxing in your tub than cleaning the bathroom.


Available in three tile sizes, tilepanel is designed to look like tiles. So, if you want your bathroom to look like the traditional tiled bathrooms, but without the hassle of maintaining it, tilepanel collection is your best bet.

These panels are only 3mm thick which gives you an option of fitting over your existing tiles, making for a quick and inexpensive way to refurbish your bathroom. Easy to install, these panels are solid grade laminates.


Moisture-resistant and economic, polypanel is PVC wall panels that are available in six wonderful designs. They are 2400 x 1000 x 10 mm in size and are entirely waterproof. Accompanied with a Class I fire rating, these panels are available in light and dark shades. Lighter shades will make your bathroom look bigger and darker shades will give it a cosy effect.


Cleanpanel are more than three meters in height, making it an ideal choice for homes or commercial spaces with high walls that are over 2400 mm. These panels are manufactured in 3 mm laminates and come with Class I fire rating. These panels are double faced-gloss white on one side and matt white on the other. Since they are chemically resistant, they are perfect for laboratories, clean rooms and sanitary areas, in addition to homes as well. 

The Amazing Floor Collection


These panels can be installed very easily over your existing floors. twinFLOORstick is a floating panel that stick to one another and not to the sub-floor. Quick to install, these panels do not require a professional to do the job, it can be done by anyone. 

twinFLOORstick does not need any adhesives to put it in place as they themselves have glue strips that let help them stick together. Quieter to walk on than laminates and warmer than ceramic tiles, these panels are available in 10 distinct shades. 


The latest in floating vinyl flooring, twinFLOORclick panels come with an inter-locking ability on all four sides, making it easy to fit the planks without using any adhesive. The new 'EasyClic’ locking option makes way for a fast and dry installation. 

These planks are manufactured in a way to give it a real wooden feel. So, if you ever wanted wooden flooring in your home, then twinFLOORclick needs to be on your list. Available in 10 light to dark natural stone patterns, these panels also come with a bevel giving the floor a distinctive appeal.

The Simple Ceiling Collection

Complementing the wall collection, ceilingPANEL is easy and light to handle. Instead of painting the ceilings and being stuck with flaking paint, fit these panels that come in six light shades giving the area a charming appeal. They are 2700 x 250 mm in size and are quite economical.

These panels are moisture-resistant and can be fixed or bonded to the ceiling. 

The Beautiful Vanities Collection

multiPANEL Vanity Tops

The multiPANEL vanity tops are available in 27 similar multiPANEL finishes letting you mix and match to create your own unique space in vanity and shelving areas. The front edge is gently rolled, which gives it a warm feeling. 

The standard size tops are available in 2400 x 380 x 27 mm. However, if you require the depth to be more than 380 mm, you can place a special order to customise it as per your size. 


hydroSTONE is a great way to enhance your bathroom. With five stunning panels to choose from, these panels are constructed from modified acrylic. These panels are used to create feature shelving and as vanity tops for back-to-wall furniture. 

hydroSTONE surface tops are harder than laminate or wood and are 25 mm deep.