Dry Verge in Terracotta, Brown and Slate Grey

Mortar is effective at keeping out pests and preventing water from leaking through. However, where wet verges fail is in its durability. The mortar will prevent water from getting through but in doing so it will deteriorate itself and this leaves the house prone to water and damp damage. It requires considerable and regular maintenance, such as repointing, and this not only takes time but it also attracts large costs and there is no real way to stop the mortar from deteriorating in this way.


One solution is, rather than using a wet verge system, to apply caps that fit over the edge of the tiles. Dry verge caps are made from plastic; a durable and long lasting material that is guaranteed to last for years. 


A roof requires natural ventilation in order that the roofline won’t get damaged by the elements. The plastic works as effectively in preventing pests and water as the mortar does in a wet verge system but instead of requiring regular and expensive repointing it does not require regular maintenance.


Dry verge systems are more common than ever before. Plastic is inexpensive and is also tough and durable. The plastic will bend and bow slightly in order that it won’t snap and break easily. It will withstand the potential damage caused as a result of the weather. Save money in repointing by having a dry verge system fitted. CRD offers a range of caps as well as starter kits so that you can buy suitable items at competitive prices.

Klober Dry Verge Caps Left and Right
Klober Dry Verge Starter Kit
Klober Ridge End Cap Round
Klober Ridge End Cap Universal