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ABS Pipe and TubeABS Pipe Fittings

ABS Pipe and ABS Pipe Fittings for All Temperatures

Non-toxic and resistant to abrasion, the ABS pipe should be your first choice for applications that demand a material capable of performing in extreme temperatures. Our ABS pipe products and ABS pipe fittings can withstand temperatures from as low as -40oC right up to 70oC. Excellent flow rates minimise the chances of a blockage, making this product range especially suitable for industrial and commercial projects.

We supply ABS pipes and fittings to a broad cross-section of industries. Robust and manufactured to last, this pipe and all accessories are designed to never corrode, rust or need painting / coating. With an exceptionally long lifespan, they are economical and straightforward to install. If you are looking for a versatile pipe product made from A Grade materials, our selection comprises best-in-class choice.

Quality ABS Pipe Products Direct

Safe for use with foodstuffs, our ABS pipe won’t easily succumb to limescale and is designed to perform for up to 50 years. All pipes are Imperial and are sized according to British Standards, which uses the nominal bore as a guideline. Please bear this in mind when ordering, because it does not equate to the diameter of the pipe.


ABS Pipes:

Our range includes Class C (9 Bar), Class E (15 Bar) and Class T (12 Bar). Please check the drop-down menu on product pages for our extensive range of sizes.



Won’t rot or corrode

Will never peel or flake

Can be used above and below ground

Can tolerate very low and high temperatures

Resists limescale

Excellent coefficient of friction

Approved by the British Plastic Federation

Please note: This pipe is also suitable for use with de-ionised water. It meets standards set out in  the British Industrial Biological Research Association’s Code of Practice for Food Usage







Food Processing



Industrial Processes


ABS Pipe Fittings For All Your Needs

We stocked the widest range of low-cost ABS Pipe Fittings. Designed to perfectly complement any pipe system, they will ensure you install pipes to the necessary standard. These fittings are specifically designed to work within the same temperature range as the pipe, making them essential. We stock fittings in:

Plain Imperial

Plain to Threaded

BPS Threaded

In addition, we supply the market-leading ABS Valves and ABS Valve Units, as well as the ABS Imperial Actuated Valve. Popular ABS pipe fittings in stock now include: Effast valve spares; pipe flanges, P-rings, PTFE tape, saws, chamfer plane, chamfer tool, flat gaskets, backing rings, expansion bellows and much, much more.

Check out great deals on solvent cement and ABS cleaning fluid.

Our customers buy ABS pipe fittings because they are more economical than many alternatives, yet offer outstanding benefits. They are also a breeze to install.


Order ABS Pipe and ABS Pipe Fittings From Us

With an established background in the supply of both the ABS pipe and ABS pipe fittings, we are ideally placed to meet all your requirements. Capable to meeting any size order, we work hard to ensure orders are fulfilled in a timely, professional manner. The average shipping time is up to three days, making our distribution outlet the perfect place to get your piping.

We provide support for all customers, old and new. That means, if you are not sure what pipe product or fittings you need for your project, we can assist with free technical advice. If you need support at any time during the customer journey - or before - contact us on 0808 164 9014 or use our convenient online instant messaging service.