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ABS is suitable for all temperatures in the region of -40oC to 70oC and is extremely durable. Our ABS Pipes and Fittings have a smooth bore which prevents lime scale build up and hence deliver quality flow and are manufactured to last 50 years. Our ABS systems are non-toxic therefore suitable for potable water, scratch resistant, corrosion free and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Another benefit of ABS is that it's perfect for conveying high purity de-ionised water. Our ABS systems are fully matched and more affordable than metal pipe systems.

We stock a wide range of ABS pipe and fittings all available for next day delivery. Our ABS products are all available in a light grey colour and so are easy to recognise.

Our ABS pipework is produced from the very best grade A raw polymer, this ensures the system has the necessary performance requirements for complex industrial applications.

All our ABS pipes and fittings are of British standard which is based on the Nominal Bore of our pipes, not the diameter.

It’s a fact that ABS is resistant to a wide variety of substances including; salts, diluted inorganic acids, organic acids, animal fats and a variety of oils. However ABS isn’t resistant to alcohol, organic solvents, acetic acid, petrol or any vegetable oils.

This specially designed product does not corrode or scale, stays strong and tough at low temperatures and keeps its smooth feel.

Our ABS Pipework is perfect for use as a thermoplastic pipe system which can be used in numerous industries working with sewage, water treatment and beverage production.

Our ABS Pipes and Fittings hold many approvals and abide by many standards. Firstly we are approved by the Water Research Advisory Scheme for our ABS Pipes use with potable water. Secondly we meet the toxicology requirements of the British Plastic Federation. Furthermore we meet the requirements of the ECC for plastic materials in contact with foodstuffs. We also meet the British Industrial Biological Research Association Code of Practice for food usage 45/5 and all our ABS Pipe Fittings are produced in accordance with BS5392 Part 1.

It is a well-known fact that if the temperature in which a plastic pipe system is situated in increases than the pressure rating must decrease. All our plastic pipework system ratings are always quoted at 20oC. Our ABS Pipework products should I no circumstance be used in temperatures exceeding 70oC.